Author Becky Wade

Sensitive Content

My romances contain a great deal of romance, humor, fun, and banter. However, I also delve into the hard things my characters have been through in the past and are going through in the present. For those who are sensitive to certain topics in books, here’s a list of what you can expect in my novels.

Memory Lane: In the past–rape, suspected murder or suicide of a wife. In the story–hostage situation.

Turn to Me: In the past–death of a child sibling. In the story–exchange of gunfire, head injury resulting in coma.

Let It Be Me: In the past–death of a single parent resulting in foster care. In the story–parent who is threatening toward his children, a fist fight.

Stay with Me: In the past–murder, death of a loved one from drug overdose. In the story–opioid addiction.

Sweet on You: In the past–parent abandonment, accidental physical injury. In the story–hostage situation, panic attack.

Falling for You: In the past and in the story–parent with bipolar disorder. In the story–search for a missing person, parent dying of blood cancer.

True to You: In the past–parent murdered. In the story–a degenerative eye disease, an adult adoptee searching for his birth mother.

Her One and Only: In the past–child abuse. In the story–stalker, exchange of gunfire in crowded public place, gunshot injury, secondary characters face frightening situation with their pregnancy that turns out well.

A Love Like Ours: In the past–an IED explosion while serving overseas in the military. In the story–PTSD, a sibling seriously ill from complications of cerebral palsy, secondary characters dealing with infertility.

Meant to Be Mine: In the past–unplanned pregnancy. In the story–single parenting, knee injury, mention of secondary characters dealing with infertility.

Undeniably Yours: In the past–abandonment by husband, divorce. In the story–anxiety, a fist fight, hostage situation.

My Stubborn Heart: In the past–death of a wife. In the story–grief.