Author Becky Wade

Character Interview

Conflict with hero/heroine:

  • External:
  • Internal:

Most outstanding physical feature:

Why character stays or leaves home:

Character’s deepest dream:

Character’s story goal:

  • Externally:
  • Internally:

Worst thing that has happened to character:

How character sees themselves:

How others see character:

Who has influenced character most:

How does this character differ from other characters:

Character’s amount of self-control, self-discipline, judgement:

Do you like Character? Why? Will readers?

Is character based on a real person?

Character’s secret:

Character’s handicap:

Character’s needs:

One true thing:

Secondary character:

Symbol that expresses character’s personality:


Safe Place:

Favorite Color:

Favorite Music:

Favorite Food:

Favorite Literature:

Favorite Expression:

Favorite Expletive: